Why Fit Analytics?
Simple pay-per-purchase pricing. Easy integration. Extensive feature support. Learn more about what makes us the best.

How does it work?

We charge a small commission on the sales we help you make.

You pay a small percentage of the sale price when:

  • The shopper gets a size recommendation; and...
  • The shopper purchases the item; and...
  • The shopper does not return the item

You pay nothing when:

  • The shopper does not get a size recommendation; or...
  • The shopper does not purchase the item; or...
  • The shopper returns the item for any reason


Why pay-per-purchase?

We’ve found that this method is the most simple and intuitive for all kinds of shops. With pay-per-purchase, you know that you are only paying when Fit Analytics has helped you make a sale, and when the customer got the right size (we don’t charge if the customer exchanges the item for a different size).

How do you track which sales come through Fit Analytics?

We match your customers to our users using a unique session ID. We pair up the session ID with the customer ID, and calculate our commission based on this pairing. If the item is returned later— for any reason, size-related or not— we remove the commission charged for that item.


Get up and running in a few easy steps:

1. Add a few lines of code

Simply add a short code snippet to your product page wherever you wish the link to appear. Our developers will provide you with the exact code for your site. Or, if you use a tag management system like Google Tag Manager, we can add it for you— you don’t have to change a thing.

2. Send us your product feed

Chances are you already have a feed that you share with either Google or affiliates— just send us the link and we’ll take it from there. We run daily updates from your feed to ensure that size recommendations are synced to your current inventory.

3. Plug and play

Once the Size Advisor is set up on your shop, it requires no additional attention on your side. We monitor performance around the clock and run daily updates from your product feed so that you can focus on your priorities while your customers get relevant, up-to-date size information.


The most robust and comprehensive sizing solution on the market.

Machine learning

The Size Advisor uses sales records from over 10 million monthly users to calculate the right size for your customers. Information about which articles are kept and which are returned is used to continuously improve the recommendations.

Full coverage

With over 15,000 brands and 5 million individual garments covered, our extensive database enables us to accurately recommend sizes for most articles sold in online retail. If you’re a custom manufacturer, our fit algorithm will learn your inventory from the garment measurements in your specification sheets.

Global solution

Shops in every continent. Language support for English, Chinese, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Romanian, Finnish, Swedish, Russian and Polish. We help you sell clothing everywhere you do business.


The Size Advisor is readily customizable to use your logo and your brand colors. Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your brand, so that users perceive the Size Advisor be a service offered by your store.

High Performance

Fit Analytics uses state-of-the-art server technology and analytics reporting to ensure optimal performance. We monitor response time round the clock, so the Size Advisor will never leave your site hanging.

Business Intelligence

The Size Advisor knows the products your customers are interested in and their relevant size info. We can deliver quarterly intelligence reports about your customer base.

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