About us.

We are a global team, committed to solving the size problem— one purchase at a time.

At a glance:

Privately held

Founded in 2010

Headquartered in Berlin with offices in San Francisco, Prague

Profitable since 2015

Global workforce consisting of 18 nationalities and 20 spoken languages

Over 70% of our team members hold advanced degrees in mathematics, physics, and data science

Our mission.

Half the apparel bought online today is returned because it doesn’t fit, and the cost of this failure is felt by everyone. Retailers lose 10% of their revenues. Shoppers lose time, trust and patience. Our planet loses, as shipping a single package back to its sender can produce up to 500 grams of carbon dioxide.

At Fit Analytics, we believe that the size problem is no match for the power of data. We are a team of machine-learning experts, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, statisticians, and hackers dedicated to our task of delivering trustworthy size recommendations to millions of shoppers every month. We balance a love of research and experiments with a practical understanding of the challenges facing the online fashion segment.

We started as a small team in 2010 (as UPcload) and have since grown to work with some of the largest online clothes stores all over the globe. Our goal is to apply cutting-edge data science principles to take the guesswork out of online clothes shopping.

Fit Analytics GmbH

Voigtstr. 3
10247 Berlin

+49 30 5522 0932

Fit Analytics Inc.

1161 Mission St,
San Francisco, CA 94103

+1 (610) 256-5761