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Sizing Solution for Shopify Apparel Stores

Sizefox is the quick and easy version of the Fit Finder for the Shopify platform. Provide your shoppers with accurate size recommendations and size charts. Install Sizefox free size recommender in your Shopify store.

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Sizefox Components

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Self-Service Dashboard

Update and publish the widget to your product pages

Size Recommender

State-of-the-art size recommender with minimal shopper input required

Size Chart Creation Tool

Create sleek, product-specific size charts with automated unit conversion

New Features and Updates

Regular feature releases based on Fit Finder technology advances

Our Technology

Size recommendation

Accurate size recommendations based on

  • Your size chart details

  • Shopper inputs

  • Morphological datasets from millions of shoppers worldwide


Quick and seamless integration

  • Automatic catalog upload

  • New product detection

  • Drag and drop setup for 2.0+ Shopify stores

How to install Sizefox

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part of snap shopping suite

Part of Snap’s Shopping Suite

  • Sizefox is 100% free

  • To start using Sizefox, create your Sizefox account and accept the Snap terms and conditions

part of snap shopping suite

Key Benefits

Boost Conversions

Decrease friction and give shoppers the confidence they need to purchase your products.

Build Brand Loyalty

Retain your shoppers by providing them with the best shopping experience.

Quick Integration

Install the app and publish the widget effortlessly.

Stay Free and Flexible

No binding contracts. Plug in, plug out any time you want.

Reduce Returns

Lower returns and watch your business grow.

Save Time

Reduce time spent dealing with return management and size-related questions.

According to a 2021 Shopify study, consumer preference-based returns (e.g. size, fit, style, etc.) tend to drive around 72% of all returns in fashion product categories.

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