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In its first six months online at Ecru, Fit Finder delivered an astonishing 5.2% overall reduction in returns for the makers of the world's best fitting female pants.

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About Ecru

Founded in 2009, has established a well-deserved reputation among retailers and consumers nationwide as the makers of the world's best fitting pants. Building on the initial success of the Beck trouser, Ecru has quickly built a passionate and loyal consumer base of stylish and discerning women who place a premium on fabric, quality, fit and original styling.
With some of the nation's most fit-conscious shoppers to please, Ecru is fanatically focused on delivering sizing satisfaction. Each season, its internal design team actively analyzes product performance and shopper feedback across all collections to ensure consumers continue to enjoy the best fitting pants they'll ever try on.

Challenges Faced

With an outstandingly optimized product line already in place, Ecru's core challenge was boosting consumer confidence around sizing while protecting the bottom line. Ecru was looking for an intuitive solution that could showcase the brand's commitment to a perfect fit, integrate smoothly with existing e-commerce tools, and help a fit-focused consumer base get the right size every time.

“Lower return rates are one of the major components of a successful e-commerce site. Net is what you get and Fit Finder is helping us to achieve greater profitability by reducing returns.”


Thanks to a hassle-free integration process, Ecru was able to get Fit Finder up and running well in advance of the most crucial part of the annual shopping season.


Fit Finder delivered a consistent 5.2% percentage point decrease in returns throughout the first six months of its use on Ecru. Taken in tandem with additional tools such as Return Logic, Fit Finder also enabled Ecru to get a clearer picture of return trends and optimize their garment specs for subsequent lines.



Fit Analytics helped Ecru reinforce its reputation for perfect fit, exceed consumer expectations, and make a hugely significant dent in its rate of online returns.

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