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Success stories


In two months, Fit Finder helped reduce return rates by 20% and increase conversion rates by 22% for global outdoor adventure brand Mammut.


About Mammut

Founded as a mountaineering and trekking company in 1862, Swiss outdoor brand has evolved into a multinational apparel giant. Known globally for its robust and effective gear, Mammut is the go-to brand for many adventurers around the world.
In addition to its apparel selections, the company helps people venture to the great outdoors by offering a range of educational activities from mountaineering and climbing courses, to its very own mountain school located in the UK and Switzerland ( From shopping online to trekking in Siberia, Mammut is committed to offering the best experiences possible for all customers dreaming of their next big adventure.

Challenges Faced

Fit, function, and freedom of movement are the most important factors when selecting the right adventure gear. Ill-fitting outdoor apparel can ruin a ski day - and can even be life-threatening when dealing with extreme temperatures. Mammut is not just a clothing company - it is a key adventure partner for its many customers. The brand wanted to ensure outdoor enthusiasts could confidently venture out into the wilderness with the most effective apparel selections for every adventure.

“Our customers invest in adventure. We wanted to ensure outdoor enthusiasts could successfully and safely venture out into the wild with properly fitting apparel. Fit Finder has helped us foster trusting relationships with our customers by delivering the right gear to shoppers embarking on their dream adventures. Fit Analytics is a key partner in our e-commerce strategy and we have continued to see a positive impact over our years working together.”


Thanks to a hassle-free integration process, Mammut went live with Fit Finder quickly and smoothly. Fit Finder’s multilingual support meant Mammut’s global customers would experience the same great sizing experience regardless of location and benefit from increased confidence around fit.


After two months of testing, Fit Analytics delivered a 22% increase in conversion rate, and an impressive 20% decrease in return rate for shoppers using Fit Finder vs. those consulting a static size chart.

Increase in conversion rate


Decrease in return rate


Test setup
Time period
2 November - 9 December 2018
Number of shoppers
15k shoppers
Type of test
Peer to peer AB test: Fit Finder vs. size chart

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