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Success stories


In just two months, Fit Analytics delivered a 3% increase in overall site conversion rate and an 8% decrease in size sampling, yielding a significant bottom-line boost for European streetwear giant SNIPES.

vertical:Shoes & Fashion
market:Europe / USA


has been providing the hottest international sneaker and apparel brands to urban youth across Europe and beyond since 1998. With a strong online presence, 240 brick-and-mortar shops in Europe, and 64 in the USA, it’s firmly established as one of the most successful streetwear chains.
In addition to own-brand and partner sales, SNIPES has also collaborated on exclusive apparel collections with internationally renowned artists such as Snoop Dogg and DJ Khaled.

Challenges Faced

SNIPES’ primary focus was on reducing return rates relating specifically to shoes. The wide range of brands carried by SNIPES had long posed a challenge in terms of providing consistent sizing guidance to shoppers. SNIPES was also keen to increase overall conversions and provide a boost to shopper confidence via improved user experience around sizing.

“We were looking for a solution that could reduce size sampling while protecting growth - Fit Finder delivered on both counts. In particular, Fit Finder’s role in reducing footwear returns helped us tackle a core business concern. Its intuitive UI has also been a huge hit with shoppers.”


A typically smooth platform integration saw Fit Finder quickly implemented on SNIPES’ primary German site with no negative impact on either internal IT resources or page performance metrics such as loading time.

The aim of the A/B test was to measure the overall business impact of Fit Finder’s presence on the site. During the test period, all site traffic was divided into two funnels: one group with Fit Finder enabled, and a second group who saw a generic “size help” button leading to a static size chart

Impact was then tracked for all traffic, rather than just for those who sought size advice in either funnel.


The two-month test period on resulted in a 3% increase in conversion rate for shoppers in the Fit Finder funnel. This group also showed a steady 2% decrease in return rates and an impressive 8% decrease in size sampling for footwear sales.

Increase in conversion rate


Decrease in returns


Decrease in size sampling


The success of this initial testing phase resulted in a significant bottom-line boost for SNIPES and the rolling out of Fit Finder across all its international sites including Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, France, and Italy.

Test setup
Time period
August 25, 2018 – October 26, 2018
Number of shoppers
Type of test
A/B test with Fit Finder (“Variant”) versus size chart (“Control”)

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