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Success stories

Weird Fish

In just under three months, Fit Analytics delivered an 8% increase in conversions for one of the UK's favourite feel-good lifestyle brands.

vertical:Lifestyle and active wear
market:United Kingdom

About Weird Fish

Founded in 1993, started as a clothing wholesaler with a simple core mission: to produce beautifully made, distinctive clothes that become instant feel- good favourites. The company quickly made a name for itself with its mix of unique fabrics and clever dying and distressing techniques.
Since entering the online retail space in 2005, Weird Fish has grown into one of the UK's leading lifestyle clothing and accessories destinations, and was recently recognized as one of Britain's top multi-channel retailers by Drapers. Shoppers across Britain and beyond rely on Weird Fish for its range of relaxed and easy- going clothing that lets them truly “Wear the Weekend”.

Challenges Faced

Already blessed with a return rate well below industry norms, Weird Fish's focus was on driving growth against the backdrop of the incredibly competitive UK lifestyle market. With a hard-won reputation for comfort and quality behind it, the company was keen to ensure a first-class sizing experience for its consumers while unlocking extra sales revenue across its product range.

“We have always had an extremely low returns rate so to see such an improvement in conversion was very impressive. The set up was quick and simple and the aftercare is great. We look forward to new developments from Fit Analytics and an ongoing successful partnership.”


Thanks to a typically smooth integration process, Fit Finder was quickly integrated with zero negative impact on existing resources.


Shoppers using Fit Finder showed an 8% increase in conversion rate. Improved user confidence around fit also led to a 2% increase in average revenue per visitor.

Increase in conversion rate


Increase in revenue per visitor


Fit Analytics helped Weird Fish lock in its outstandingly low rate of online returns while delivering an instant e-commerce uplift in the form of an 8% boost to conversions

Test setup
Time period
January 27, 2017 – March 31, 2017
Number of shoppers
Type of test
A/B test with Fit Finder versus traditional static size chart.

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