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Our Technologies

Fit Analytics’ solutions are powered by a vast database of garment, size and fit information as well as purchase and return data records. Our sophisticated approach uses machine learning algorithms to help apparel shoppers receive accurate size and fit recommendations, alleviating costly returns for retailers.

Our Technologies
Machine learning overview

Machine Learning Overview

Machine learning, which is a subset of artificial intelligence, is the technology we leverage in our computing system to match the body shapes of Fit Finder users with correctly sized apparel. Our algorithms identify patterns in purchases and returns data, which allows us to deliver personalized recommendations for the items that are most likely to fit shoppers, resulting in happier customers and fewer returns.

Algorithms and models

Algorithms and Models

Our recommendations are based on closed-loop interaction between data and machine learning within our advanced algorithmic framework. We identify garment sizes and shapes using apparel metadata from our vast database. User inputs and our large body-modeling dataset help us understand body shapes. Advanced machine learning is then used to match products to body shapes based on whether similar users have kept their products. Our frequently updated datasets and models learn, adjust, and improve for future recommendations.

How it works technology

How It Works

 New Fit Finder users go through the sizing process once.

  • Shopper answers Fit Finder questions

  • Our innovative system connects the dots between user inputs, body modeling and fashion item datasets

  • The best fitting size with highest probability of keeping it is determined based on purchases and returns records

  • Recommendation is shown to the users

  • For all items in the same fashion category, fully personalized immediate size recommendations are automatically available for future sessions

How it works technology
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James Gill

James Gill

General Manager E-Commerce, rebel

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“rebel is thrilled to join forces with Fit Analytics to offer our customers the best possible online shopping experience. We pride ourselves in leveraging the best technologies available to ensure our customers are continually inspired in their shopping journey. The world’s leading sizing solution – Fit Finder – was the best choice to support our customer-first e-commerce approach. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”

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