Global Team, Global Solution

We're a team of data scientists, engineers, designers, and creatives who are making it easier for apparel companies to connect customers with apparel they'll love and keep. Our team members come from more than 40 countries, creating a global collective of passionate problem solvers within Fit Analytics.

With bases in Berlin, Chicago, and London, we have partners across 6 continents, support more than 45 languages and dialects, and enable millions of shoppers worldwide to make successful purchases every month.

Creative Solutions With a Data Foundation

Data is at the heart of creating powerful e-commerce experiences - success is using data in creative ways to drive impact. We think shopping can be fun, personal, and effortless when supported by technologies that are tested and proven to deliver positive results. Our machine learning approach is qualified with user and conceptual testing and validated with client case studies. 

Fit Analytics At A Glance

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The First Leader in Sizing Tech

We've driven progress and set standards in apparel sizing technology since 2010.

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Truly International Presence

We're headquartered in Berlin, Chicago, and London, and have partner retailers in more than 198 countries and regions.

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Dedicated to Data

World’s largest apparel retail dataset based on more than 1 billion monthly recommendations and over 19,000 brands.

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Global Apparel Expertise

Our team of apparel experts has more than 40 nationalities and developed technology to represent the global industry.

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Internationally Recognized Value

Many of the largest apparel companies in the industry recognize the undeniably positive impact we have on their e-commerce business and shopper experience.

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Commitment to the Power of Technology

Developing innovative, revenue-driving technologies to benefit the world from day one.

History Timeline


UPcload founded

Created an award-winning body scanning solution


Signed first major partner, The North Face


Began offering size + fit recommendations

Pivoted away from body scanning and webcam solution, started with clothing fit recommendations


Changed company name to Fit Analytics

Represented the shift to machine learning and signaled our analytics-based product expansion


Launched Fit Finder

Switched to a machine learning approach to future-proof our technology while making it easier to use for the shopper


Fit Analytics started broadly commercializing


Opened San Francisco office

Establish local presence in North America


Opened Chicago office

Moved primary US operations to Chicago, USA


Snap acquired Fit Analytics

Fit Analytics joins Snap, Inc.


Snap AR Enterprise

Became the flagship offering for Snap AR Enterprise solutions

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Where We Began

Uncertainty around apparel size and fit is a huge source of friction for online shoppers, leading to fewer conversions and higher return rates. This undermines shopper confidence in brands, and hurts retailer profits. With roots in Germany, where the average return rate for online retail can exceed 60%, we knew about the severity of the fit and size problem from the beginning.

Our initial solution used a webcam-based body modeling technology which allowed users to create a personalized fit profile using a CD as a dimensional reference object. The technology itself was strong, but over time we noticed that it was too complicated to ensure high user engagement.

This realization inspired the shift to machine learning technology, fueling our flagship Fit Finder product and the underlying Fit Analytics data platform. As our algorithms began generating accurate size recommendations, many retailers saw the immense value in our technology and integrated Fit Finder to solve sizing related issues for shoppers.


Years as leaders in

sizing technology


Countries and regions

using our technology


Nationalities within

our teams




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A New Era: FitA and Snap

In 2021, Snap and Fit Analytics joined forces to create the next generation of e-commerce shopping. By combining augmented reality (AR), virtual try-on, and machine-learning we further cultivated powerful and highly personalized retail experiences.

Fit Analytics supports Snap’s global ambition to create experiences that are seamless, informative, engaging, and fun.

Discover a New World of E-Commerce Technology

Get in touch to learn how Fit Analytics can support your business needs with size and personalization technologies.