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Our innovative size and fit, style, and immersive e-commerce solutions for clothing and footwear are built for high accuracy, scalability, and flexibility. Shoppers enjoy highly personalized experiences, while retailers benefit from proven impact.

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Leading Global Size and Fit Recommendations

Finding the right fit is the biggest roadblock shoppers face online. It’s also the main reason cited by retailers for lost revenue and increased returns. Fit Finder solves sizing by using machine learning to generate size and fit recommendations based on shopper preferences, sales and returns records, and a database of body scans.

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"Fit Finder helps us create a dialogue with our customers. Although this tool is first thought to find the perfect size for our customers, it is also a pretty powerful acquisition lever."

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David Voge

Content Marketing + French Lead, Ridestore


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Matthew Pantoja

Matthew Pantoja

VP Global Marketing and E-Commerce, Alpha Industries

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When we went to Fit Analytics with our challenge, they came back with a solution and were able to impact our e-commerce business in less than three months. They exceeded our expectations and moved the needle for us in a significant way.

Alpha Industries
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Who we are

Who We Are

We believe information is at the heart of creating powerful e-commerce experiences. With the use of data we create fun, personal, and effortless shopping experiences. We also equip retailers with tools to enhance their e-commerce site performance and gain deep insights to further strengthen their initiatives.

In 2021 Snap and Fit Analytics joined forces to create the next generation of e-commerce shopping. Together we cultivate highly personalized retail experience by combining augmented reality (AR), virtual try-on, and machine-learning size recommendations.


Adding Fit Finder sizing solution to your apparel e-commerce site is easy with our streamlined integration process. During integration, we offer support in key areas needed to ensure Fit Finder works at its best.

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James Lloyd

James Lloyd

E-Commerce Manager

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“We have always had an extremely low returns rate, so to see such an improvement in conversion was very impressive. The set up was quick and simple and the aftercare is great. We look forward to new developments from Fit Analytics and an ongoing successful partnership.”

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