Revenue Growth

Using a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to offer your customers the perfect fit is likely to increase your conversion rate which facilitates revenue growth.

Revenue Growth
Increase Conversion Rate in E-Commerce

Whether you’re an established apparel retailer or an up-and-coming brand, increasing your conversion rate and boosting revenue is likely to be amongst your top business priorities.

In this context, an e-commerce conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who visit your online store and purchase an item.

Conversion is an important metric because turning browsers into buyers is a key way to grow your business and increase revenue.

There are certain tools and tactics e-tailers can utilize to increase the likelihood of users purchasing products from their store. This is called optimizing for conversion.

Fit Issue
Fit Issue

The apparel retail industry doesn’t have a universal sizing system. This has caused uncertainty amongst shoppers when faced with which items to purchase online. An online visitor who isn’t sure whether a particular item will fit can lead to the user remaining a browser and not converting to become a customer.

Many retailers underestimate how fit and size relate to their bottom line. However, the long-term consequences of customers purchasing ill-fitting items from a store can lead to negative and costly outcomes for a retailer which include returns, lack of trust, poor user experience, and eventually diminished loyalty which can force the customer to stop purchasing items in the store and shop with a competing brand.

This is why apparel e-tailers should adopt a size solution that can increase conversion rate, boost customer loyalty, and have a positive impact on revenue.

Fit Finder

Our foundational tool is Fit Finder, which advises shoppers on their ideal size based on a short series of personalized questions such as height, weight, and fit preferences. It’s powered by machine learning algorithms and the industry’s largest database making it an intuitive and sophisticated tool.

Fit Finder size solution

Fit Finder provides billions of accurate recommendations and the smart size solution continuously improves with each recommendation.

Over 250+ global partners trust Fit Analytics to provide personalized size recommendations and have achieved great results. Within a two-month period of SNIPES installing Fit Finder, the streetwear giant saw their overall site conversion rate for shoppers in the Fit Finder funnel increase by 3%. Results also showed a 2% decrease in return rates and an 8% decrease in size sampling. A combination of these positive metrics meant the reputable European retailer was able to achieve a positive bottom-line boost.

Fit Finder is both effective and easy to integrate. All that’s needed to activate its installment is a few lines of code and within a few weeks, we can get you started. We make sure we support you with every step of the integration so you can focus on running your business.

If you want to learn more about how Fit Finder can improve your conversion rate and stimulate revenue growth, contact us.