Machine Learning and E-Tail

As consumer behavior continues to evolve and more shoppers are drawn to purchase online, smart retailers know that various insights into their shoppers’ requirements will ensure they are able to meet the needs of their customers. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology come in.

Machine Learning and E-Tail
Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine learning is the fuel behind many platforms we are familiar with - Google, YouTube, Siri, and more. In fact, much of the recent progress in digital technology can be attributed to machine learning algorithms.

Modern artificial intelligence is powered by machine learning algorithms that are able to find and predict patterns within the data it’s given. These algorithms can digest vast amounts of data which could be words, clicks, and in general, any measurements that can be digitally collected.

Benefits of Machine Learning in Retail
Benefits of Machine Learning in Retail

The customer data collected by machine learning technology allows businesses to:

  • Make informed data-driven decisions

  • Create more accurate marketing plans

  • Enhance personalized services

  • Increase customer loyalty with a positive shopping experience

  • Improve sales

Improved customer relations, boost in sales, and differentiation amongst competitors are some of the key goals apparel retailers aspire to achieve to stay ahead of the competitive curve. Machine learning (with its powerful algorithms) increases the likelihood of retailers achieving these business goals.

Fit Analytics' Machine Learning Solution
Machine learning

At the core of Fit Analytics’ platform lies its vast database comprised of garment and fit information. With this data, our sophisticated platform is able to use advanced machine learning algorithms that help apparel retailers solve their customers’ size and fit problems.

Our suite of apparel e-commerce solutions attracts the world’s top apparel brands that want to solve sizing at scale and produce data-driven results.

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