Enhance User Experience

To improve retail user experience for online shoppers, apparel companies are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions to provide a personalized user experience for their customers.

Enhance User Experience
Improve Retail User Experience with AI

In the retail sense, user experience points to the range of emotions a shopper feels when they interact with every aspect of a company’s product or services.

Over the past few years, technological innovations have been adopted across several industries which include the apparel and footwear sector. One of the benefits of AI is it can be used to help personalize the shopping experience for customers and improve the interaction the shopper has with a product.

A study conducted by Global Market Insight reported that the retail sector is likely to increase its investment in AI to $8 billion by 2024. Online publishing network - Retail TouchPoints (RTP) - concluded from that, that “since adoption of machine learning, deep learning, and predictive analytics is required to succeed within the technological hemisphere in retail – which is growing at a rapid pace – it is absolutely necessary for retailers to adjust within the digital disruption.”

At Fit Analytics, our AI-based size platform is powered by machine learning and designed to better serve your customers by offering them a positive user experience.

Relationship Between User Experience and Shoppers
Relationship between User Experience and Shoppers

In this customer-centric era, smart retailers know that providing a positive user experience involves meeting and satisfying their shoppers’ needs. Therefore, retailers are keen on finding new ways to learn more about their audience’s interests.

To gain that knowledge, companies are integrating AI and machine learning into their business models to give their customers a better, more seamless user experience, which ultimately drives business.

In an increasingly competitive e-commerce landscape, more apparel companies are turning to AI and machine learning solutions to provide a personalized user experience for their customers.

One of the ways apparel companies utilize technology to improve their user experience is to use machine learning-powered algorithms to recommend the perfect fit for their shoppers.

How Machine Learning can Drive User Experience

An estimated 91% of customers are more likely to buy an item from a company that remembers them and offers them relevant and timely recommendations. This is why more retailers are using algorithms and data science that match people with items that are the perfect fit. This creates a retail environment that’s more 'context-aware’ and as a result, the shopper gets the personal experience they desire.

Fit Finder is both able to make recommendations based on past data shoppers have provided.

Fit Finder

Fit Finder draws on machine learning algorithms and the industry’s largest database to recommend the right size for apparel and footwear shoppers. The intuitive size advisor tool has certain customer-oriented features that are focused on giving the shopper a positive user experience.

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